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                           The Eternal Circles



                                 Jesus Name Above All Names

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                       The Jesus Key Pendant

Jesus Key Poem


the Jesus Key Presentation Card
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the Jesus Key...
The Jesus Key Pendant

The Jesus Key Pendant...-Rememberance of the
Holy Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. -Jesus, the
Name above all names,
the King of kings and the
Lord of lords, who loves us so much that He gave his life to save  us.
-Now we must faithfully share Jesus...
...the key to salvation for everyone...



...Three Interwoven Circles
-Each without beginning or end, -eternal,   completely and inseparably joined,
-the Holy Trinity. 

Jesus is One with the Father and the Holy Spirit
through all eternity.

     John 1:1, Gen 1:1-2, Mark 12:29, Deut 6:4

-Name above all names,
 King of kings and Lord of lords,
-the only name given by which we must be saved.
     Phil 2:9-10, Rev 17:14, Acts 4:12

...The Crosses of Calvary
-Where Jesus died for our sins! 
 Three were crucified that day. One mocked Jesus,
 but the other one believed, -to his salvation, 
-With nothing to offer and no “good” works,
 he believed in Jesus and received eternal life.
-We must all make the same choice! 
Luke 23:33, Luke 23:42-43, Rom 3:28


Your Jesus Key Pendant is available
in Britannia Metal or solid Sterling Silver, both beautifully detailed.
The Sterling Jesus Key weighs over 2.5 grams and both are 30mm (1.25") tall.
They both come with a Free necklace for your enjoyment. 
Included also is the Jesus Key Presentation Card, featuring the Jesus Key poem and listing scripture verses related to Jesus' blessings for your life.         

Shipping (US) is included in the price of your Jesus Key.
The NEW Britannia Metal Key is just $8.00 and the Sterling Key just $18.00.
You'll receive your Jesus Key, a free necklace and the Jesus Key Presentation Card.